Edsel Holden

Audio Engineer. Listen below.


Edsel Holden

Mixing | Mastering

I am a freelance audio engineer in Nashville, TN. 

I worked for several years for Marco Giovino, where I learned how to record music.

Since then, I have started offering mixing and mastering services independently with label clients including Third Man Records, Double Double Whammy, and Saddle Creek. And artist credits including Julio Iglesias, Hovvdy, and Sinai Vessel.

I work closely with producer Abe Yellen on various projects based in Austin, TX and Ventura, CA.

I have wanted to do this professionally since I was in bands as a teenager and I feel a huge amount of responsibility when people ask me to work on their art. I would love to connect and work together.


Let's talk

Make sure you have checked out my services. If you have any questions, or just want to meetup and talk about a project, email me below.

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