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about edsel

Unlocking the potential of sound. 


Growing up in Muscle Shoals, AL– known as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World,” on account of its rich soul and jazz history – Edsel became completely obsessed with music at a young age. During his formative years he was an aspiring drummer and witnessed first-hand music’s ability to captivate, noticing how something as simple as a groove change could have a palpable impact on the audience. Watching the physical manifestation of music’s influence–the swaying of hips, the pursing of lips, the hair on people’s arms standing up–fueled his passion for the art of sound. he then began his audio journey in the recording studios of Muscle Shoals, and later moved to Nashville, TN where he currently works as a mastering engineer. 

Adding the final creative touch before an artist's work is presented to the world is a responsibility and a privilege he cherishes. Seeing his client’s reactions while listening to their work mastered takes him back to being a teenager playing drums, experiencing the power of music for the first time. Many people are unaware of the visceral power that exceptionally mastered audio has on their senses, and he is dedicated to unlocking that sonic potential in your work. he finds immense joy in assisting others in discovering the impact that impeccable sound can have.


Edsel would love to join you on the journey of sharing your music with the world. Let's captivate others through the ever-expanding capabilities of sound, together.

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