Lots of options because great music is made lots of ways.


I do more than what's listed below, if you have any specific projects in mind just get in touch. I can probably take care of you or refer you to someone who can.

Black and White Star in Circle


I mix your music from it's source recording in my room. This is what I do most of, and it is my joy ! I take a great amount of responsibility  when mixing someones music. It is ultimately on me to make sure the listener actually can hear your perfectly sculpted idea and wrap their ears around it, as well as connect with what you are saying through music. You can hear samples of my work on my homepage.


I have everything needed to come to you, and engineer your vocal or overdub of any sort in your space. It could be your home, rehearsal room, friends living room, or booked writing room for the day. You can be completely in your own element, and I will bring in world class gear and ensure that the recording will be excellent. I can also set you up with everything you need to press "record", get sounds and instruct anyone on how to use the rig, and leave you alone. I stay on call if anything breaks. If this interests you get in touch.


Things move fast and sometimes no one wants to take the time or maybe the full budget to make sure everything is up to spec on the mix side, I get it. Also many first mixes are the right mixes. That's where this comes in, you come to me and we sit down in front of your mix in my treated tuned room. I either improve it or it gets left alone. You get a chance to listen in a new space, getting it polished over in a good sounding room.


I enjoy podcasts. I enjoy working on podcasts. I have worked on a few podcasts, offering services ranging from location recording (I will come to you) to de-noising / mixing / editing / mastering. Get in touch if you want to know more about this service!

Gypsy Engineering

You book a studio, I am responsible for making sure that from the moment you walk in your ready to play music. I talk with you beforehand, and the studio, and ensure the process runs smoothly. I engineer the session that day and can store files on my archive backup until needed again, and make transfer to artist easier.

Write Engineering

I do this a lot and it always looks differently. Have some friends that want to write but nervous about engineering the demo? I can do that in my room ! I can also come to a booked writing space and run the session.